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When did you last look through

 Fresh Eyes?

​You are so familiar with your own Airbnb, self-catering accommodation, or guest house, that you don't see how it could

be improved, because you see it all the time.

Through the Fresh Eyes room-by-room inspection video course,

with checklists, quiz sheets and expert interviews, I'll show you

how to open your fresh eyes and self-inspect your own guest accommodation.  

The course teaches you how to make the very best of your accommodation and exceed guests' expectations,

how to create a guest experience rather than just an overnight

stay, and how to stand out from the crowd by identifying your USP and Wow Factor. All this leads to happy guests, rave reviews and more bookings.

Get your guest accommodation post-Covid perfect, with a Fresh Eyes Inspection of

your own Airbnb.

Carrie Hampton

Fresh Eyes Founder, Hospitaltiy Consultant

and former Star Rating Assessor.

More about Carrie here

About Fresh Eyes

About Fresh Eyes

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Sign up for the Fresh Eyes Accommodation Inspection 

video course, with Professional Hospitality Consultant Carrie Hampton. Watch free interviews with experts, with insider hints

and tips on how to dramatically improve the guest experience.

"With my do-it-yourself version of a Fresh Eyes Inspection, I give you the tools to see your place through my eyes."

What will the course do for you? You'll get an edge over the competition, receive better reviews, attract more guests and

increase your revenue.