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Carrie Hampton,
Hospitality Consultant & Founder of Fresh Eyes Inspection

As a certified Star Rating Assessor for 10 years, assessing guest houses and hotels for their stars, I continued doing private inspections under the Fresh Eyes brand, when peer reviews became more important than the stars you displayed. I still inspect more than 50 guest accommodations each year, using my Fresh Eyes to see the things the owners miss, and to make sure they exceed guests' expectations.


With the do--it-yourself version of Fresh Eyes, doing an online video course to guide you, I give you the tools to see your own place through my eyes. It's a real eye opener! 

But, there's nothing better than an independent pair of fresh eyes to look over your property and that's where the Fresh Eyes Inspectors (FEI's) come in. We are training FEI's all over the world, so take a look here to find out more. 

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