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What's your USP?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It doesn't matter what business you are in, you need a Unique Selling Point. If you haven't got one that's immediately obvious from the photos - such as a view like this - then guests will choose somewhere else that stands out and grabs their attention.

If you don't have one, don't worry, I'll help you think of one. Firstly, ask yourself, what is the main reason guests come to you? Your USP doesn't have to be an incredible view, or the interior design, the four poster bed, or the jacuzzi. It could be the convenient location to the conference centre, or the incredible value for the quality you offer. Maybe it's the super children's play area, or the delicious evening meals you offer. Perhaps you are your own USP - an expert in the local area, offering guided tours or hikes. If you look closely you will find your USP, or will be able to work out what it could be.

My primary USP is my lagoon-side location, with kayaks on the jetty for guests' use and mountains in the foreground. It's the first photo you see on my profile. People already come to my area because it's a holiday destination, but when looking for a place to stay, they are tempted by the lifestyle on offer and not just a bed in a good location.

What Next?

Once you've identified your USP you need to:

  • Use images that highlight your USP

  • Shout about your USP in the intro and first sentence of your Airbnb write up

  • Keep the theme of your USP running throughout your Airbnb profile

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