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Most of my guests say “Wow” as soon as they walk into my Airbnb. That’s because they get a big surprise, in the form of a lagoon lapping against the grass and a water channel leading the eye towards the mountain view. It’s more than they had expected.

Exceeding your guests’ expectation is what makes a successful Airbnb. And if you don’t have a natural Wow Factor like mine, you have to create your own. This could be through an artistic style all of your own, or some décor elements that make your place stand out from the crowd. You could give the living room or bedroom a brave feature wall, but that may need you to step out of your comfort zone and think like a interior decorator. In which case, meet Interior Designer, Lauren McCreath. I chatted to Lauren this week about the interview we will shortly be doing together, getting her insight into how to make interior spaces look amazing, without spending a fortune! Keep your eyes open on this site for a preview of that interview…coming soon…..

You could spice things up with some bold wall art in the form of wallpaper, wall tile stickers, decals, etc. You could choose your favourite artwork – perhaps an artist from your area - and follow it through with soft furnishings to make a Wow Factor statement. Like this glorious, imposing Tretchikoff ‘Lady from Orient’ art-wallpaper by Robin Sprong Wallpapers.

It’s the focal point in each room that creates interest or drama and if it is something artistic from the local area then it also creates strong sense of place. Like these dramatic beaded bask lightshades, woven in Zimbabwe and beaded in Cape Town from African Creative.

Now take a look at your guest accommodation and walk in as if you’ve never been there before. Is there any Wow Factor? If not, go and get yourself some, otherwise you are just another Airbnb! Watch this space for the interview with interior designer and stylist Lauren McCreath.

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